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Rawlins County

2018 Fair Results


Overall Placing System Results:


Rate of Gain Example     

     Goat:                                                                                       All Species:

     2018 Goat Rate of Gain Ranking                                               Lamb Processing Options for Consumers

     2018 Goat Carcass Data                                                          Pork Processing Options for Consumers

     2018 Meat Goat Show Placings                                                 Beef Processing Options for Consumers

     2018 Meat Goat Overall Placings                                              How Much Meat to Expect from your Animal

     2018 Goat Check-In/Weigh-In Sheet                                        Meat Science 101 Workshop Recording

                                                                                                  Meat Science 101 Powerpoint

     Sheep:                                                                                    Lamb Ultrasound Carcass Value Evaluation

     2018 Sheep Rate of Gain Ranking                                            Goat Meat Factsheet

     2018 Lamb Carcass Data

     2018 Sheep Show Placings

     2018 Sheep Overall Placings

     2018 Sheep Check-In/Weigh-In Sheet



     2018 Swine Rate of Gain Ranking

     2018 Swine Carcass Data

     2018 Swine Show Placings

     2018 Swine Overall Placings

     2018 Swine Check-In/Weigh-In Sheet



     2018 Beef Rate of Gain Ranking

     2018 Beef Carcass Data

     2018 Beef Show Placings

     2018 Beef Overall Placings

     2018 Beef Check-In/Weigh-In Sheet



     High Point Calculations