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Rawlins County

Welcome to Rawlins County K-State Research and Extension
Making a difference in your life..

Office Hours
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday


JoEllyn Argabright
Family & Consumer Science Agent

Emily Green
Community Development Agent

Shelby Miles
Office Professional


Schwan's Home Deliver offers over 350 delicious foods, flash-frozen at the peak of freshness and conveniently delivered to your door. Through Schwans-Cares.com, you can order from Schawn's Home Delivery and help our organization meet its fundraising goals. When you order by December 30th, 2015 20% of product and 40% of eGift Card sales will go back to the organization.


Rawlins County 4-H Fundraiser!



K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer. K-State Research and Extension is also committed to making its services, activities, and programs accessible to all participants. If you have special requirements due to physical, vision, or hearing disability, or a dietary restriction, please contact the Rawlins Co. Extension office at 785-626-3192