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Rawlins County

Join Rawlins County 4-H

The network of families that grows great kids.

Raising great kids is a challenging task, but it's easier when you have a team of people behind you. 4-H clubs are groups of families that do just that. Through working together, families share knowledge and interests to help kids learn practical skills and important values.

Visit the State 4-H website

4-H Project Selection Guide

New Family Guide

Are you interested in Joining 4-H?

Here are the steps to becoming a Rawlins County 4-Her:

1. Choose a local club to join:

  • Beardsley Beavers
  • Chardon
  • Cloverleaf

2. Enroll in our online system at www.4honline.com. Here you will select the projects your youth is interested in. Don’t worry, adding a project area does not obligate you to participate or make an entry for fair in that area. Projects can be added until May 1st each year, so you can always add more later!

3. Let's get started! Attend club meetings, like the Extension Facebook page (www.facebook.com/rawlinscountyextension) and ask your leaders to allow you to join your club facebook group for all the updates on current events! Remember, it is okay to attend events as an audience and ask as many questions as you can!


For new members enrolling in 4-H for the first time, please use this brochure for specific instructions.

For current members re-enrolling in 4-H, please use this brochure for specific instructions.