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Rawlins County

Scholarship Information

College Funding

  • A one-time $250 4-H Scholarship will be awarded to graduating high school senior who have actively participated in 4-H for at least fours years.
  • A one-time $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to ALL Key Award recipients at the end of their senior year.
  • (1) $500 4-H Council scholarship will be awarded each year, open to all member. Scholarship will be awarded during the recipient's senior year of high school.

Statewide 4-H Scholarships

  • Applications will be sent out to all county 4-hers as soon as its available. It is due to the Extension Office by January 15th.

Camp Scholarships

  • $50 (camps included: Rock Springs, Campference, Great NW Adventure Camp, Discovery Days) No application necessary.  To be reimbursed after the member has attended the camp.

Leadership Scholarships

  • $100.00 (includes: Ambassador Training, Citizenship in Action, KS Youth Leadership Forum) No application necessary.

National Events

  • Up to $1,500. 4-H participant must detail effort to raise $500 ON THEIR OWN. (Qualified events: Citizenship Washington Focus, National 4-H Council). See application requirements on National Even Scholarship App.

International/ IFFE

  • Up to $2,000 for 4-Hers and $1,000 for alumni and chaperones. 4-H participant much detail effort to raise $750 ON THEIR OWN. (qualified Events: Any Kansas 4-H International Exchange Opportunity). See additional application requirements on International Even Scholarship App.


All college funding scholarships will utilize the Rawlins County 4-H Scholarship application.

National and International/IFFE scholarships will require supplemental information.