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Rawlins County

Volunteer Information

Are you interested in volunteering for 4-H?

There are many ways to volunteer for 4-H. You can be a superintendent at the Fair, help with Day Camps, Project Activities, or events. You can be a Community Club leader and help lead a group of youth. Or maybe you have a passion or skill for something specific, you could be a project leader. Everyone has something to share and there is a place for everyone to volunteer for 4-H.

To become a volunteer:

Complete the Volunteer Applicant Steps

1. Come in and speak to the extension agent at the local extension office.

2. Register self with the Kansas 4-H Online Enrollment System.

3. Receive confirmation from local extension office concerning “approved” status given through Kansas 4-H Online, then complete the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Orientation available through the Kansas 4-H Online. 4-H Online

4.  After completing the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Orientation, notify the local Extension Office about completing the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Orientation and schedule an interview appointment.

5. Upon completing the Interview, Extension Office will provide information for the required background checks. Follow directions provided for each background check and submit information.

6. Local extension office will compile information and submit applicant’s packet for processing.

7. Extension office will contact you concerning volunteer status and appointment for 4-H work.

If you are a continuing volunteer:

In October of each year, log into your account on 4-H Online and reenroll as a volunteer for the projects you will be helping with.